APPLy Event Specialist Guildlines

APPLy Event Specialist Guildlines

Event Specialist Guidelines:

I know that not all of you are new to hosting and some of the rules might seem like common sense, but if we keep everyone on the same page no one can say well I didn’t know we shouldn’t do that.

We ask that you check-in in staff chat no later than 15 min before your shift starts if you have not checked in at 15 min the fill-in host will take priority to the shift.

No Mc colors, cuts, or tummy talkers while doing your set this club is neutral

Greeting people when they land is one of the most important jobs as a host. There are a lot of people who if they land and the host doesn’t greet them they will leave or if a couple lands and u only greet the man or vice versa they will also leave. Also try and keep ur greeting a bit different if you are constantly just saying welcome to Country D’Amour a lot of times people will assume that ur just using a hud and will ignore it. So switching it up like Welcome to Country D’Amour Suzy, Hey John great to see you welcome to Country D’Amour. Adding the personal touch can go a long way with making people feel welcome.

Host huds and such like that we do not allow for 2 reasons we want you to be able to interact with the crowd and not say the same things over as it doesn’t lead to a welcoming environment. We are also trying to keep the scripts running to a minimum which means less lag, Ao huds and if you really need dance huds are ok. Radar Huds we have provided you with one but would prefer you use the one built into your viewer if at all possible.

Notices about 5-10 min before your set send out a notice letting the VIPs know who the DJ is and of course letting them know ur hosting if there is a special theme that the DJ is doing that night let the VIPs know so that they can dress up if they wish. Try and communicate with your DJ either the day before or a couple hours as sometimes just before they are trying to organize their music and such. You can also post your sets in the SL Events in your host folder is step by step instructions to do that if you don’t know.

Gestures are great and can lead to a lot of laughs but they don’t encourage conversation so please keep them limited. Gestures that spam more than 9 lines please try not to use we know that it happens and won’t stress but would appreciate it if you would do your best.

If your DJ crashes during a set let the crowd know that he/she will be back and keep the conversation going if need be make jokes.

Understand and be able to identify potential disturbances. Understand and be able to manage griefers in private IM. Understand the difference between intentional noncompliance and disturbances and the unintentional behavior from new residents and old. Someone says yours or another’s AV is ugly needs to be dealt with in IM not open chat if it turns into an issue sometimes ppl are just crazy and don’t realize that it might offend others. Complaints or Issues, please ensure to notecard the conversation and send it to management. If there is a major issue and no management is at the club at that point in time please try and contact us and let us know asap. If you and the guest are struggling try messaging the DJ and see if they can assist as long as it doesn’t interrupt their set. Know that no matter what we stand behind you and support you and will do our best to help our staff through conflict.

Understand the importance of and be able to keep the conversation fluent, flowing, and engaging. As a host this is your job to keep people talking and having fun it’s what a host does as the basic for a hosting/ Stay upbeat and get them talking or playing games to stay at the club. Keep the “Bad words” to a minimal. It’s ok for a guest to say more than it is an owner or a Host/DJ yes not fair but is the way it is. Goes with the rule people can give but they can’t take it. A good example I saw a host get bite by a guest, but as they did back the guest cried about it.

Watch the mood: Understand what may influence the mood of the room and how to deal with it. Basic understanding on how you can raise the energy at a venue and what may lower it. Talking upbeat saying you like the music is important letting the guests know they are important and you are here to listen is key. Letting them also know they can request songs. Get involved in chat and lend an ear letting them know what they talk about is important.

Most important thing Have FUN, if you are not having fun then there’s a good chance others aren’t


IF you read the guidelines and want to further the process please pick up an application from the club.

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