Aplly DJ Guildlines

Aplly DJ Guildlines

Application Guide Lines for Employment


Resident DJ Guidelines:

We ask that you check-in in staff group more than 15 min before your set if you have not checked by 15 minutes before the fill-in Dj will have priority.

– Remove tags such as Youtube lyrics that kinda thing, or simply don’t display song titles. It is your responsibility to remove them any actions taken against copyright are on the DJ, not the Club
-When taking the stream from another Dj-

15 mins before your shift you are to IM the current DJ and let them know you are there and ready. Or if you’re delayed, etc.

Make sure you have your SAM/VDJ/WA up and loaded, and all your settings are set before your shift.

Watch for text cues from the current DJ when they begin counting you in and respond accordingly. *Note* If you say nothing at all in response to the DJ’s count then they may or may not continue to stream, fearing you aren’t there or aren’t ready. So be respectful and acknowledge their cues, you will appreciate it when the shoe is on the other foot.

No Mc colors, cuts, or tummy talkers while doing your set this club is neutral

-When handing the stream to another Dj-

1. 15 minutes prior to your shift you should receive notification from the next dj, however if that doesn’t happen seek them out in IM to check that they are ready.
2. Please make your verbal cue (Last mic break) at least 2 to 3 songs before you finish your set.
3. On your final song start your countdown, starting at 3 minutes. Should go as follows:
4. After the dj has taken the stream try to stick around for a few minutes, to ensure they have the stream and all is well.

John Doe: Hi I’m here and ready.
Jane Doe: Ok thanks, I have 3 songs left.
John Doe: Ok
(Time Lapse)
Jane Doe: 3 mins
John Doe: Ok
Jane Doe: 2 mins
John Doe: Ok
Jane Doe: 1 min
John Doe:: Ok
Jane Doe: 30 seconds, next is go.
John Doe: Ok
Jane Doe: Go!
John Doe: Ok, got it.

-Additional DJ Information-

-Some DJ’s don’t always need a full count, in the minute increments, ask them how they like the count, some just like the last song name, then: 30 seconds,& GO!!!!!! Communication is key, please do so, and things are so much smoother for us all. =)

-As we all know, sometimes you will run over into someone else’s set. We don’t like it, but it happens. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s appreciated if you ask the next DJ whether they prefer you to run over or cut it short. (By cut it short, I mean to take the final song out of your set.) If the DJ asks you to cut it short then simply remove the song from your queue and count them in accordingly. However, if the DJ is fine with you running over then continue as is, just be conscious about your timing.

-In the event of a SIM restart, usually happens at the end or the start of someone’s set, you do your hand-off in IM from anywhere you are. Yes, you can pick up the stream and stream just fine from another location. Also, if the sim crashes while you’re dj-ing do not drop the stream. You can continue streaming even if you crash.
!!Dropping the stream is UNACCEPTABLE!!


IF you read the guidelines and want to further the process please pick up an application from the club.

Click here for Link to club

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